Yard Sign Distribution Instructions

  • Start Distribution: Saturday, September 18, 2021
  • Finish Distribution By: As Soon As Possible
  • Questions: Text or call Dennis at 248-629-0852

In general:

  • If a situation makes you feel very uncomfortable, DON’T DO IT!
  • If you have a yellow campaign t-shirt, please to wear it. If you don't have one, wear the brightest yellow you own.
  • If anyone asks questions you don't know the answer to, give them a business card.

Your task:

  1. Place the yard sign in the yard where it will be seen by the most DRIVERS. Do NOT place it between the street and sidewalk, place it between the sidewalk and the house.
  2. Leave the informational flyer on the door.
    1. The flyer MUST NOT touch the mailbox.
    2. Best location: Roll up and place between the doorknob and door frame or in the door handle. It is okay to open up a screen door to do this.
    3. Second option: attached with a rubber band to the house door, inside the screen door.
    4. If screen door is locked, roll up in or attach with rubber band to the screen door.
    5. As a last resort, put it under a welcome mat or some other item. 
  3. Mark the house as "delivered". 

Special Cases:

  • If the resident speaks with you and refuses the sign, mark "refused" on your sheet.
  • If the house is inaccessible for some reason, including if there is a For Sale sign, mark "inaccessible."

When you are finished:

  • Return your filled out sheet and extra signs to Dennis (2411 Earlmont)