About Dennis Hennen

I grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia. After receiving my BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, I settled in Columbus, Ohio to complete my Masters in Computer Science. While there, I was president of WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion).  We successfully prevented the Ohio State University from allowing their airport to further encroach into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Dennis and JenniferIn 2008, I met my future wife, Jennifer. We got married in 2010 and I moved to Michigan so we could start our life together.

In 2011, we decided it was time to set down roots and pick a place to call home for the rest of our lives. We picked Berkley. We fell in love with the excellent school system, the walkable neighborhoods, and the city's small town feel. We particularly like the close-knit community where neighbors look out for neighbors.

I work for a company called Seller Labs building large scale computer systems and websites for tracking ecommerce data. I also have my own technology consulting firm, 28 Studios. 

I have put in countless hours as an officer of a local non-profit whose mission is to educate the residents of Berkley and help them protect their investment in our city. Through their efforts, and then my continued work since being elected, the city has started to improve communication and reorganized the city's building department which was not serving the community.

Jennifer and I are active members at our church and help lead several programs there. We organize the edification card program, sending thousands of cards to people in need of encouragement each year. I co-lead the young adults' group and frequently lead singing in the congregation. Jennifer heads the church's sign language interpretation program. 

We enjoy gardening, home improvement, walks and bike rides through the city, and playing with our cat, Miette, who we have toilet trained.

Miette the Cat