City Council Update, May 10, 2023

City Council Update, May 10, 2023

At Wednesday's Special Meeting, Council approved the Wiltshire road and water improvements, and funding for sidewalk and park paths, among other matters.

Council approved the Wiltshire Road Project. This includes a complete reconstruction and water main replacement from Woodward to Mortenson, and resurfacing the road from Mortenson to Coolidge. The funds for this project come from the 2018 Infrastructure Millage, State Road Funds, and Water fees. 

Council also approved a project for new park pathways in Jaycee and Oxford Park and replacing the sidewalk on Coolidge Rd north of 12 Mile by the cemetery. These projects were underway before the 2023 millage vote. The Coolidge sidewalk is being paid for with state road money. At my recommendation, $50,000 was cut from the project for a rain garden.

The City agreed to purchase a Cargo Van for the DPW water department. This was ordered over two years ago but the manufacturer essentially canceled the order. The new vehicle is slightly different and cheaper than the original order. 

The first reading of an ordinance to make it easier for businesses to offer outdoor seating was approved.

Council ended the meeting in a closed session to discuss a confidential attorney/client privileged communication.

The meeting packet.