City Council Update, March 4, 2024

City Council Update, March 4, 2024

This meeting focused on supporting the Berkley Football Boosters, enhancing public safety with a new vehicle purchase, upgrading DPW equipment, and helping residents remain in their homes. There are also updates on marijuana dispensaries and road signs.


Berkley Football Boosters

The Berkley Bears Boosters was recognized by the city as a 501(3)(c) charity.  This will allow them to hold 50/50 raffles to help raise money to help the high school football team. One of the first things they hope to purchase is concussion caps for the players. 

The players are looking for volunteer opportunities in the community. You can read more about their program at or (more details will be added soon).

MIHAF Home Assistance Program

The city entered into an agreement with MSHDA to provide federal funds to assist qualifying residents. The program will help prevent mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosure, and loss of utilities or home energy services.

The waiting list for the program is full. The city will announce if it opens up again. However, those needing any assistance can search for it at or simply dial 211 on your phone.

Marijuana Update

State marijuana revenue was announced and Berkley will receive $118,172.70 for two marijuana dispensaries. 

We were surprised the state didn't count the third business that opened last year. 

The two dispensaries still under construction have already been given a 6-month extension to complete their work. Both asserted when the extension was granted that that would be sufficient time. The ordinance passed this week will give them one final 45-day extension.

We had assumed all five would be open by now and budgeted $200,000 in revenue. With the hundreds of thousands of dollars they already had invested, we did not expect any of them to drag their feet like they did. Unfortunately, this leaves us with an approximately $80,000 shortfall.

Road Signs

In April 2021, Council approved an inventory of our existing signs to set standards for sign placement. Previously, there was no consistency. Similar roads were treated differently. With the new approach, we will have consistent and safe placement of signs.

After the review, the following policies were set:

  • Clear roadway width < 20.0' (red): No parking allowed on both sides.
  • Clear roadway width of 20.0' to 25.0' (orange): No parking allowed on fire hydrant side.
  • Clear roadway width > 25.0' (green): No parking restrictions.

The references to colors are from this map.

The sign replacements started around the spring of 2023. It took so long to finish because DPW is so short-staffed. I first asked the City Manager in late 2022 and early 2023 to make sure this was announced before work started. Unfortunately, this didn't happen, and I apologize for that. 

With safety and consistency being addressed, I believe we still need to have a policy question on whether some no-parking signs should be returned. As an example, areas that need special consideration are those near our business district. That is a conversation I'd like to have with the community soon. 

Budget Progress

It's budget season in the city. Our fiscal year starts July 1, so preparations for that always make this time of year a busy time.

This year the new finance director has revamped and streamlined the process. Directors have their requests submitted and we're on track to see the proposed budget in very early April.

Other items from the meeting...

  • The purchase of a 2024 Ford F150 Super Crew 4x4 Police Responder Pickup. This replaces a vehicle totaled in a crash and is mostly funded through insurance proceeds.
  • Acquisition and installation of a new Four Post Vehicle Lift for DPW.
  • Adoption of the Oakland County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan to help prepare for and mitigate potential hazards.
  • Setting fees for "parklets", reducing fees for deck permits, and setting fees for removal of snow or cut grass by the city when a property owner does not do it.
  • First Reading of an ordinance to improve our inspection policies for owner-occupied business properties.
  • Authorization for the City Manager to sign additional service credit purchase agreements for two employees.


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