My Plan for a Better Berkley

Dennis Hennen and Berkley MarqueeI ran for Council in 2017 in large part because I felt citizens were being overlooked. During my first term, my work on improving communication has given the public a voice and we have seen an increased interest in city government. I believe this has led to better decisions for everyone. However, many of the issues I campaigned on still remain and need constant vigilance during my second term.


My goals are to...


  • Engage with the community 
    Since my election I have not slowed down in my outreach and communication efforts and that will continue. I'm frequently on social media to share information and answer questions. I have helped numerous people navigate the workings of government to solve their problems. And I continue to hold regular events to meet people in person (or virtually) and address their concerns. 

  • Support responsible growth
    We need to continue to change and adapt, but we need to do it in a way that respects the values that make Berkley great. I look for solutions that encourage development but protect existing property owners and lets Berkley keep its small town feel.

  • Continue Infrastructure Improvements
    The city already has a robust preventative maintenance program for our water, sewer, stormwater, and roads. However, our infrastructure is aging and we need to accelerate improvements. If the solutions were easy and fast, the work would already have been done. Projects on the scale of what we are facing take time and resources and I will continue to work both towards finding both short term and long term fixes within Berkley, with other cities, and with the County.

  • Listen to residents and business owners 
    No more calls to city council that go unanswered. I make every effort to listen and respond to all people and all points of views.
  • Improve communication
    I want to make sure residents are informed about the things that will impact them and that city documents are easy to access. The early sharing of information helps everyone to work together to find the best solutions for Berkley.

  • Provide education and training
    Make sure everyone in government, including our citizen volunteers, have the necessary training to effectively and properly do their jobs. I personally have undergone over 300 hours of continuing education to make sure I can provide the best service possible. 
  • Be fiscally responsible
    Make sure the city's money is spent wisely and we have plans in place for the long term care of our assets. Ensure we only take on new obligations if we can afford them.

  • Hold government accountable
    When the city makes a mistake, I will encourage the city to admit it, learn from it, and continuously improve going forward. I will promote adding safeguards to prevent repeat mistakes.

  • Make sure Berkley's codes are enforced
    Make sure everyone is held to the same standard and everyone is protected.