Covid Vaccination Resources

A periodically updated list of resources for getting a Covid vaccination in and around Berkley. 

Since the situation is fluid, I will try to update this page semi-regularly. Please check the links for the most up to date information. Contact me at [email protected] with updates or corrections. 

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2021 at 10:00am

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General Suggestions

  • If you can travel, try cities and zip codes further away. 
  • Vaccine appointments open up at different times for different vendors. Try the Detroit Area Vaccine Hunters Facebook group for the most recent tips. 
  • While you should not be charged, take your ID card and insurance or medicaid card. Some places require it.
  • Some people have tried to lie about their conditions to get an appointment. It works for some. Others are getting turned away. Consider taking proof just in case. 

Federal Guidance

Per the CDC, teachers, school staff, and workers in childcare programs can get their shots at retail pharmacies.


There will be a mass vaccination site at Ford Field starting on March 24th for the region. They will notify you when a spot opens up. 

  • Register at this link at Meijer. If you have already registered at Meijer, this is a different registration and it won't erase your other one. 
  • Text EndCOVID to 75049.
  • Call the MDHHS COVID-19 Hotline at 888-535-6136 (press 1). Expect long wait times if you call. 
  • Walk-ins occasionally become available on short notice late in the day. Follow @MichiganHHS on Twitter or Facebook.

Free parking will be available at the vaccination site. For those who indicate, during the registration process, they need assistance obtaining transportation to and from the vaccination site, the state is working to provide free of charge ride share options. See the Ford Field Website for more details on parking and entry procedures. 

County Resources

Each county has their own eligibility rules. For many Oakland County residents, you may be able to get vaccinated if you work in Macomb County or Detroit.



  • Beaumont. Everyone can now sign up and will be contacted when it is their turn. They say new appointments will typically open on Mondays and Fridays. 
    • Some report having luck calling 248-597-2727 at 8am to schedule. They say to expect wait times of an hour or more.
  • Ascension Health in Troy.
  • Henry Ford Health. It appears you must have already been a patient in the past.

If You Need Help