12 Mile Road Project Information

I was able to attend the Open House on the 12 Mile Road Project this morning. If you are able to attend, I recommend it as they have a large map that is very good and would be hard to replicate online. If you can’t go, below are some updates and a summary of the project.

  • They will maintain pedestrian and business access.
  • Two way car traffic will largely be maintained.
    • Between Greenfield and Ellwood will be closed for up to 28 days for full reconstruction, starting approximately July.
    • There will be other, occasional, short duration lane closures.
  • Starting around June they will work on the southern lanes.
  • They will then start work on the northern lanes.
  • The duration of the project is largely weather dependent.
  • They will be redoing all of the side street approaches.
    • They will be done in a staggered fashion so you are never more than two streets away from an open side street.

If you have questions, contact the Road Commission Department of Customer Services

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