City Council Update, June 6, 2022

City Council Update, June 6, 2022

City council met Monday to approve new purchases, change the grading ordinance, and more.

Jean-Pierre Cormier was sworn in as our newest Public Safety Officer and Maureen Monte was recognized for her contributions to the force.

Council approved the purchase of Next Generation 911 Equipment. We currently can accept 911 text messages. By the end of the year, this will enhance that offering and in the future allow phones and videos and automated crash information from vehicles.

Council also approved the purchase of a "Hydroexcavation Unit" that provides a more cost effective way for digging many types of holes. This will become more important as the city continues its lead line replacement program.

The city also changed their auditing firm to PSLC, LLC, and eliminated late fees at the library in an effort to boost readership.

There is now a temporary moratorium on enforcement of grading and drainage standards for smaller projects. New builds will still have to fully ensure they will not cause flooding. However, the city found that the standards were onerous and sometimes unnecessary for smaller projects, so those requirements will be waived while we fine-tune the ordinance.

The meeting packet.