City Council Update, March 6, 2023

City Council Update, March 6, 2023

Council approved the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting some retail sales of dogs and cats, discussed power outages, upcoming events, and more.

Pet Store Ordinance

The Pet Store ordinance will come before council for a second reading at their March 20 meeting. If it is approved, it will go into effect on April 20.

The new law would not prohibit the purchase of dogs or cats from non-retail locations, nor would it prohibit pet stores from providing free space to animal rescue groups to show animals that are up for adoption. But once in effect, no new pet stores can start selling dogs or cats.

An open question is how to handle the one existing pet store already in operation selling dogs in Berkley. The proposed ordinance recommended banning sales from existing stores after six months. This provision has been tabled to give City Staff and the City Attorney time to recommend a legally solid approach, which could still include an eventual full ban.

I asked we move with all haste to find a verifiable regulatory scheme to ensure that animals and their parents are humanely treated at all stages of the process. I'm further looking to make sure the animals are healthy and free of genetic and behavioral problems, so people get what they are expecting, and animals are not given up and sent to taxpayer-funded shelters.

Other Items

Council approved a bid to repaint the interior and exterior of the library.

The second reading of the following ordinances were also approved:

  • Insurance and Indemnification of City Officials, Employees, and Board and Commission Members.
  • Clarifications on portable sign regulations.
  • Regulation of vape shops.
  • Allowing nursery schools in the Twelve Mile District.

Power Outages

I know a lot of you are frustrated with DTE and the recent power outages and are turning to city government for help. I can assure you we're doing all we can.

However, the unfortunate truth is that the state has reserved all power in these matters for itself.

I did learn at the council meeting that the city's government representative will be attending a future meeting to answer questions.

Meanwhile, if you have complaints or issues, there are two avenues that I recommend you try.

The first is our State Senator Mallory McMorrow's office. She has been receptive and answering questions as best she can. DTE is talking to her, and as part of the legislature she actually has power over DTE that we do not.

The second place to go is the Michigan Public Service Commission. They are the state agency in charge of regulating utilities and taking consumer complaints.

Upcoming Events

Meeting Details

The meeting packet.