City Council Update, September 18, 2023

City Council Update, September 18, 2023

City Council approved new DPW vehicles, passed the retail pet sale ordinance, renamed Jaycee Park to Bacon Park, and passed routine quarterly budget amendments, among other matters.

The Berkley Instrumental Boosters and Orchestra Association were granted permission for their annual tag days. Student performers will be outside downtown businesses collecting donations for their programs. The dates and times are:

  • Friday, October 6th from 4-8pm,
  • Saturday, October 7th from 9am-5pm, and
  • Sunday, October 8th from 9am-5pm.

DPW received approval to purchase two new vehicles. One is to replace a van used for work on the water system, and the second is to replace the sewer cleaning machine while the old unit still has a high resale value.

Council approved renaming Jaycee Park to Bacon Park. The public is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the new inclusive playground on Wednesday, September 20 at 6pm.

A scaled-down version of the retail pet sales ordinance passed. It prohibits new pet stores and phases out the existing one at the end of their lease. In October, an additional ordinance will be introduced setting up a permitting system for the existing store during the phase-out period.

Two marijuana retail licensees, Seven Point Dispensing at 28557 Woodward Ave and Yellow Tail Ventures at 3120 11 Mile Rd were given 180-day extensions to complete their work. These are not new licenses, simply giving them more time to complete their work. 

The city will be applying for an 11 Mile Road planning grant to increase pedestrian safety. This will be done in cooperation with Southfield, Oak Park, Huntington Woods, Royal Oak, and Madison Heights.

The city also agreed to work with the County, Oak Park, Huntington Woods, and Pleasant Ridge to provide constitutionally required early voting. 

Council approved the regular quarterly amendments. Included is a more accurate reflection of the changes to yard waste pickup and the chipper route, although the final impact won't be known until after the season because it is highly weather-dependent.

The meeting packet.