City Council Update, October 2, 2023

City Council Update, October 2, 2023

Council approved a joint project with the DDA for crosswalk improvements on Coolidge, approved road closures for BOO!kley, made a Planning Commission appointment, and discussed other matters.

The City's new Communications Director and Berkley resident, Caitlin Flora, introduced herself. 

Approval was made to move forward with a joint project with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for crosswalk improvements on Coolidge at Earlmont and Dorothea. The project would make sidewalk changes to increase safety and reactivate the crossing lights. The City's portion comes from our share of the state fuel tax, and 10% of that money must be used on non-motorized projects such as crosswalk improvements. This isn't money that could be used elsewhere in the General Fund budget.

The DDA was given approval for a road closure for their "BOO!kley" Halloween event. This will take place on Coolidge on Saturday, October 28 from noon to 5pm. The DDA website has more details on other BOO!kley events in October

Eric Arnsman was appointed to the Planning Commission.

The City Manager gave an update on the City's General Fund Balance. Our internal policy is for a 25-35% target and a minimum of 20%. The General Fund currently has a 12% reserve.

Based on the fund policy, the following actions are to be taken to get back to our minimum target, in priority order:

  1. Amend budget to cut or delay pay-as-you-go capital improvements from the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
  2. Amend budget to cut general operating expenses.
  3. Approve a transfer of funds that have previously been moved from General Fund to other funds back to the General Fund.

There are no legal requirements on what the fund balance should be. This is simply an internal policy Council imposed on itself to keep a conservative rainy-day fund available. 

The City Attorney gave an update on the upcoming Pet Store Licensing Ordinance. It is expected to be completed and circulated among Council by Wednesday, October 4, and will be on the agenda for the October 16th Council Meeting.  

The meeting packet.