City Council Update, January 8, 2024

City Council Update, January 8, 2023

The Council meeting focused on several important topics, including the approval of engineering assistance for the 2024 Road Rehabilitation Project and the revision of voting precinct boundaries in Berkley.

Council approved a proposal for engineering assistance related to the 2024 Road Rehabilitation Project. The following roads will be resurfaced, similar to what was done on Wiltshire between Mortenson and Coolidge last year: 

  • Gardner from Oxford to 11
  • Griffith from Cambridge to 11
  • West from Mortenson to Cass

This will be funded through the 2018 Infrastructure Millage and part of our normal allotment of state road funds. 

Council also adopted a resolution and an ordinance to revise the boundaries of voting precincts in the City of Berkley, reducing the number from seven to four. This will allow us to run an early voting location and will reduce costs because less equipment and fewer personnel will be required. More information is available on the city's website.

44th District Court Judges Derek Meinecke and Andrew Kowalkowski gave a community update. They shared about the court's Operation Drive program to help safe drivers in the court system get a legal license. They also told us about Teen Court, where all 5th graders from Berkley will have the opportunity to see the court in action. 

Council approved the purchase and installation of various truck-mounted equipment for DPW. This includes a dumpster for cardboard recycling that will be available year-round. Cardboard that doesn't fit into recycling bins is picked up as trash and the city has to pay for disposal. But the city gets paid for any cardboard that gets recycled. We expect the dumpster to more than pay for itself. 

A contract was approved to update our contract for third-party building services, inspections, and code enforcement. We have hired a new building official and no longer need to hire that out. We expect the new contract to save us $120,000 to $180,000 annually. 


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