Berkley Vaccination Update, July 2021


The vaccination rate in Berkley continues to climb, increasing 6% since May 22nd.

Several people have asked for my data source.

This project was inspired by this article by Mike Wilkinson in Bridge Michigan.

I reached out to him and he told me his source was the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Michigan allows FOIA "subscriptions." I have subscribed to get monthly updates on the aggregate counts of people vaccinated. The files they provided to me are here.

The data is broken up by census tract. All of Berkley's census tracts begin with 26125170. I filtered the spreadsheet from MDHHS for tracts beginning with that string and then some very simple sums lead to the aggregate data.

Note that there is no personal identifiable information in the data. It is just raw counts and nothing more.