Business is Booming in Berkley!

Pinspiration Grand Opening

Business has been growing at a fast pace in Berkley, with lots of redevelopment and activities throughout the city!

This summer we had the return of our Art Bash, Street Art Fest, Firehall Open House, and Lids for Kids.

The month of October has been busy with many activities, including the DDA's BOO!KLEY nights! Coming up on October 30th is a Trick or Treat stroll (12-3 pm) and Monster Mash (2 to 6pm), a party for children with games, activities, and photo ops.

Also this Saturday there will be a walking tour of the Northern Coolidge Corridor of Downtown Berkley from City Institute.

The DDA's annual MerriMonth will be back for the holiday shopping season, and we expect the Holiday Parade to resume as well. 

While we've had a few store closings (you'll be missed Papa's Pizza), there have been many more new openings over the summer despite Covid.

Some of the new stores that have just opened or will open soon include...

Locations that will be opening in the future include...

  • Victual & Vine, the former Due Venti Italian restaurant, is coming to Berkley has a specialty market, cafe, and event space,
  • Aqua-Tots, a swim school for children at the location of the former Farina's, with additional space for retail and outdoor dining, and
  • The Berkley apartment complex inside the former La Salette school.

A number of businesses have also undergone a facelift recently or will soon, including...

Finally, a new mural will go up soon on the side of the old Berkley Theater.

We have a vibrant, strong, and growing business community in Berkley. City staff have been busy implementing changes to make it easier than ever to open a business. Now is a great time to visit our downtown, and don't forget to shop local this holiday season!