City Council Meeting Notes, August 9, 2021

Items from Monday's meeting include approval of design work for Kenmore/Cornwall Road Reconstruction and extending road closures for outdoor dining.

The part highlighted in pink is the road construction project: 
Kenmore from 12 to Edwards and all of Cornwall.

Design work was approved for Kenmore/Cornwall Road Reconstruction. The half mile reconstruction project is estimated to cost around $2.5 million. It will use funds from the 2018 Road Millage and the water fund paid for through water bills. It will include complete reconstructions of the road and replacement and upgrade of the water main.  Any lead service lines that are found will be replaced. Some trees will be lost, but they are going to work to save as many as possible. They are exploring places to add green infrastructure. The new road design should be better at holding water during large storm events rather than it flooding into people's yards.

The relaxation of several ordinances surrounding outdoor retail, dining, and signage due to Covid were extended. This means Berkley Commons temporarily keeps their outdoor seating. They are not the only one using these provisions, just the highest profile use.

The city will also be exploring permanent public plazas. In September, council will consider charging rent for the private use of public spaces such as at Griffith and carving out additional space on such streets for public use.

Work continues on the City Master Plan. If you wish to comment on the current draft proposal, please do so by September 23rd.

Congratulations were given to to Public Safety Officer Brian Gothard, who was recognized as the Public Safety Officer of the year.

Berkley had a number of winners in the Daily Tribune's Best of the Best contest.


The meeting packet.