City Council Meeting Video and Updates for August 10, 2020

On Monday, Council approved major updates to Oxford/Merchant's park, including a splash pad, a sidewalk repair program, and a pedestrian plaza on Coolidge by the High School. 

  • 5-2 approval of up to $942,234 for a splash pad, restrooms, playground with rubberized surface, and some paths at Oxford/Merchant's Park. Upon completion, $180,000 will be reimbursed via a grant.
  • The sidewalk repair program will begin in southwest portion of the city (South of Catalpa, West of Coolidge) this fall. Residents will be notified how many sidewalk "flags" need replaced and will have 60 days to repair them or join the city's program. Each sidewalk is different, but the city anticipates the cost for each sidewalk flag to be VERY roughly $300-400 each. Property owners will have the option to put the cost on their property taxes, the first payment due starting July 2021. The city is investigating an annual cap to reduce the financial burden and allow repayment to be spread over a number of years. Existing hardship programs can be used to help those with trouble paying. It is expected to take 5 years to complete the entire city. Only the flags that are a safety hazard will be replaced in the first 5 year round.
  • Approval was granted to start preparatory work for a pedestrian plaza on Coolidge by the High School. This is a joint project with the DDA and School District. It is hoped it can be finished this year.

Meeting packet.