City Council Meeting Video and Updates for June 21, 2021

Monday's council meeting included Public Safety's annual report, settling a lawsuit against a ZBA ruling, and a road diet update.

Public Safety presented their 2020 annual report.

The road diet study had temporarily been put on hold due to reduced traffic related to Covid closures. The study has resumed. A new set of traffic counts has been completed and are being analyzed in the models to determine the projected level of service and then will be shared with the community.

On a 6 to 1 vote council approved a legal settlement to overturn a Zoning Board of Appeal ruling concerning a generator in a side yard. I was the lone no vote and gave the following statement.

"Whether or not we agree with the decision the ZBA made, it is not our place to overrule them.

"The ZBA followed the proper process, they did everything they were supposed to, and their conclusions could be supported by their findings of facts. This is a winnable case.

"The ZBA needs to be able to act independently of council. This is a fundamental part of their existence. If we fail to provide the legal resources needed to defend a case in court, they have lost that independence.

"This settlement is both bad policy and bad precedent. I'll be voting no."


The full meeting packet.