Planning Commission Approves Aqua-Tots

The Planning Commission approved the Aqua-Tots development, are making better public hearing notice requirements, and discussed parking in general.

Aqua-Tots will replace Farina's.

  • There will be the swim school, two retail locations, and a restaurant with outdoor seating.
  • The retail and restaurant tenants are not known yet. The owner wishes to find a restaurant that is busier at lunch than at dinner since Aqua-Tots are typically busier in the evening.
  • The school usually offers open swim in the early afternoon (variable hours) and Friday evenings. They keep the pool at 91º.

I was pleased to see my proposal for signs on properties subject to a public hearing is making its way into law. People who drive by a subject property will now know that something is coming up without having to closely monitor the paper or Internet.

Finally, the Planning Commission very briefly discussed our parking ordinance and future plans for modification. As many of them commented, I do not think it is appropriate to change parking requirements before the Master Plan is complete, but as a stop gap, I would be in favor of considering giving the Commission the power to reduce or increase parking requirements by 10% at their discretion.

Meeting Packet is available online, though it includes large plans that may be hard for mobile users to download.