City Council Meeting, December 6, 2021

City Council Meeting, December 6, 2021

Monday's council meeting included a presentation on the city's financial audit, a resolution supporting a grant to make Jaycee Park more accessible, and a housekeeping resolution involving the tax abatement for the new apartments at the former La Salette School.

The city received a presentation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. They received an "unmodified opinion" meaning our finance documents were materially correct and meets all applicable accounting standards. There were no findings that needed to be brought to the city's attention.

Council passed a resolution supporting a $50,000 grant application to add additional accessible features to Jaycee Park. The park is already budgeted to be made completely accessible, including soft surfaces, ramps, and accessible play equipment, and would be one of the few such parks in the area. The purpose of the grant is to expand the offerings that can be made available. 

Council re-approved the PA 210 tax abatement that had been granted for apartments to go into the former La Salette school and its parking lot. This was not a change to what was previously approved, but was some housekeeping modifications requested by the state to comply with their requirements. The largest change was that a deadline of December 31, 2023 for completion of the construction was added. 

The full meeting packet is available at the city website.