Code Enforcement - Setting the Right Priorities

Collapsed excavation

Berkley is a densely packed community with very close lots. That is one reason why it's important that the city does a better job enforcing and prioritizing safe building practices.

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Tree Ordinance Update Coming

Look up into trees

I attended the tree board meeting tonight where they are discussing potential changes to our tree ordinance.

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Berkley fireworks survey results

I asked folks on Facebook to let me know their thoughts on fireworks in Berkley. 288 people responded and there were a few surprises.

Survey results about Michigan's fireworks law

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Fireworks in Berkley - The limits of city power

Fireworks over downtown Detroit

It's that time of year again where the citizens of Berkley will see a spectacular light show every night from now until July 5th.

Or, depending on your perspective, be subjected to a non-stop barrage of noise and have the real risk of their home burning down.


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Chickens are Coming to Berkley

ChickensSoon, five lucky people will be able to keep chickens in Berkley under a new pilot program.

I don’t feel strongly about chickens. I think the chances that there will be problems are small. However, I have a lot of concerns about how this came about. 
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Dennis Hennen interviewed by Daily Tribune for Council Seat

Mike McConnell with the Daily Tribune did an email interview with me last week for the article that was published on-line Friday and in print Sunday. Of course reporters ask more questions than they can use and the answers are often more nuanced than they have room to print. I'm posting the full interview here.

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Daily Tribune Article discusses Dennis' candidacy

Dennis HennenThe Daily Tribune ran an article today about my candidacy and Berkley Citizens United: Organized critics of Berkley officials to run for City Council.

The reporter conducted an email interview with me. I will be publishing the full interview later on.

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Dennis Hennen Announces Run for City Council

I am excited to announce that I am running for Berkley City Council.

Berkley is an amazing place to call home, but even the best homes sometimes have problems.

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